5 GIRLBOSS habits you must develop

I know and I’m sorry for the late post. I was going through lots of ups and down in my life and so I was not able to post from a long time. And now I promise, I’ll be consistent. So, without wasting further, let’s dive into the topic:
5 Girlboss habits you must develop.


So, Hello I’m Preeti (a digital hug to you everyone) and today I’ll be sharing about how you can develop Girlboss habit so that you can achieve your goals more quickly with less chasing and less hunting.

Make a Planner: You’ll be amazed to know about the power of a planner. It not only help you to keep your everything lined up but also doesn’t let you forget your task. Sometimes, we often forget about what’s next? We ran out of our mind and we are blank. So that’s why every successful entrepreneurs/people on this planet make their routine and work according to it so that nothing can be missed. Moreover, by doing so we are more productive and enthusiastic and we are willing to do much more and we plan in our mind. It also acts as a result for your entire day what you’ve done and what not and what needed to be done. You can track your self. You will be more productive. So why not to wake up ready? Write your to-do lists a day or night before so you can stay clearer

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Eat well, dress well: Yeah I know many of you’re thinking about the dress and its connection with Girlboss habits. So let me make clearer to you, by good dress and good dressing sense will boost your confidence and make you a more confident person and ultimately you will be more productive. Please note: Here I’m not telling you to wear expensive clothes. If you’re on a budget and if you have good dressing ideas then you can make more out of it. In my next post, I’ll be posting about how to dress on a budget. So stay tuned. Submit your email in the bottom down so you get my every post straight in your inbox!


Eating healthy will not only make you more healthy, it will also keep your metabolism strong so that your every body part is healthy from inside. For example: If your colon is clean and healthy you will get rid of constipation and other gas and stomach problem and if this happen you’ll be more fresh and productive.

Rest and Meditate enough: Rest like a queen and Meditate like sadhu. Every successful entrepreneur and successful people always talk about meditation in their interview. You must have heard much time! So what do you think they talk baseless? No. Of course not. Because meditation keeps our mind focused and reduce anxiety and increase creativity. Just consider meditation as a mini-meeting with yourself.

Learn to take Responsibility: Talking responsibility will make you more confident and boost your passion and desire to do something more and more. I have heard in one of sadhguru ji interview that: “ This life is functioning only because of its ability to respond”. “If you see that you are responsible, even the unpleasantness can be turned into wisdom.” So if you get the opportunity to learn, then take responsibility, Never let it go from you. This will make you more smart and wiser.

Declutter your around and plan your budget: Declutter and minimal is an entirely different concept so don’t get confused over it! If you want to learn more about Minimalism CLICK HERE: https://preetystyle.com/why-i-always-being-minimalism/. According to me decluttering means living clean and free minded and relaxed and free of worrying about cleaning your space which ultimately lead to time-saving. I know Minimalism and decluttering however related to each other but its meaning is totally different. Being a minimalist person is a state of mind, not a state of rules.

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Budget planning is that much important. Without any budget plan, we can’t track our expenses. And hence we can run out of money at the last of every month and who knows maybe early. So by fixing a budget helps us to control our extra expense. Will Rogers once said: “Too many people spend money they earned…to buy things they don’t want….to impress the people they don’t like”. And I am like WHAT?? Really this type of people exists? I mean WHY? What’s the need for this??

So don’t be like this and plan everything for your goals, future to live a better life that you have imagined for yourself.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU EVERYONE. Share it to your dearest one whom you consider they can do. Once again a big virtual hug to you.

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