My grandmother is in Coma. It has been long since I posted my last blog post. I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry for the delay. I’m always trying to be consistent about my blog but I always fail to do.

So without any further delay lets jump into my post what has happened from last few days. The reason is that my grandmother is in Coma.

Actually, on 26 July my grandmother fall from the motorcycle and she has some internal head injury.

According to the CT scan report, it is seen that the blood has clotted on the left hemisphere of her brain due to which she is in Coma now.



It is the most difficult phase which our family has gone through ever. I even can’t say in words about my father from what he is going through.

I and my family is still on trauma and we can’t overcome this situation. It is the toughest time our family has faced ever. The doctor said that they can’t perform any operation as her age is more than 86 and her body is very weak so can’t perform any kind of operation on her because on doing so, any side effect can occur on her body so we are still thinking what to do next.

Should we tell the doctor to operate her??? It has been more than 10 days she is in Coma.


Now we’ve lost every hope from medical science. The only hope is left for us in prayer. Prayer has something kinda supernatural power.

I am requesting from all my readers to pray for my grandmother. Because I believe that your prayer and our prayer will really work.

Her pic when she was healthy

I request you all those who read my article that please pray for my grandmother as your prayer will really help me a lot.

The doctor is giving her liquid food and medicine.

I hope she could recover naturally, her body could heal naturally, and moreover, we are planning for operation as we have the only choice left for us.

But as I said it is risky for her as she might go mad, or she might not able to speak, or she will not able to see or she will not be able to recognize anyone.

God knows what will happen… The only thing that I’m praying from god right now… is her recovery…..and now We are waiting for second CT scan report and hoping to lessen the blood clot.

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