psyche, love is a myth, romantic love, myth example

Myths are exceptionally hard to kill. We often believe in things that don’t even have any hard evidence.Love is no different from other area of life be it parents children love, brother sister love, girlfriend boyfriend love or teacher student love. But if you are aware of them you will make fewer mistakes and you will get less to regret.

psyche, love is a myth, romantic love, myth example

psyche, love is a myth, romantic love, myth example

So here are five different myth about love that we still believe specially girlfriend boyfriend (couple) love.

  1. I can change him/her : If you still believe that you can change your partner after sometimes under your influence, then forget it. It will never happen. There are some fundamental area that you just cannot change, be it in personality, attitude, his/her point of view,  no matter how hard you try it will never going to change.
  2. Live in relationship is the best way to know each other: If you think that living together before marriage is the best way to know each other then you are totally wrong. To know your partner well is very important but living together is not the good idea
  3.  Love has an expiration date: People who claims this are wrong. Love does not have any expiration date. There is a saying that the feeling in new couple are very strong than the old one, but in reality the feelings in new couple are as strong as in relationship that have lasted 10 to 30 years.
  4. Love at first sight exist:  This myth is very common but not very accurate. Research show that when checking out a man a woman need atleast 6 glances to decide if he suits her  or not.


psyche, love is a myth, romantic love, myth example

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