Recover,restore, restart. Once in our lifetime, a phase come when we feel hopeless, helpless, emotional, heartbreak etc. A phase come when we are in a stage that we feel we are failure, but no we are not failure we are fighter.

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Overcoming a negative life event is just like overcoming an injury. Something bad happens and we feel devastated. We are broken. We don’t ever think that we will able to make progress again, we can recover again. We are afraid to try and put ourselves out because we fear of


getting injured again.sadness-3218845_960_720

Eventually, we stop make any kind of progress and our life starts to fade. The only way to prevent this from happening is by hitting the Restart button in our life after a major failure.

recover,restore, restart, , motivational article, motivational article for everyone.

We can frame our life according to our desire. We can make a sketch of our own dream. We can choose our favourite color to fill in!!!.  Some choose white some choose grey, but I personally like to choose all thing bright.   Restore all the thing, the pain, the emotions, those happiness, and all those good things so that these can help you to start a new.

There is always someone to pull you down, someone pointing fingers at you, someone judging you. There is always someone who isn’t happy from you.


But that shouldn’t pull you down, that shouldn’t make you weak. In fact that should make you to rise more higher and higher and tell them loud and clear, that its not a color that will stay because I didn’t choose these shades of grey, and I definitely want my happy space to stay. When you believe in you world believe in you. So start believing, start dreaming, start going ahead. And never stop.


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