What is positive thinking?

  It is an idea from which we can change our life by applying it into our life. According to Shiv Khera, Positive Action, combined with positive thinking results in success”. How well he said. That’s why Shiv Khera is such a big writer today.

About me : 

                When I was 17 years old, I always focused on improving my Outlook rather than my personal development and maybe that’s why I was an example of a big failure at that time. Everyday, my parents used to tell me to improve myself but I was so mischievous that every time I ignored them and their words.


                  The reason behind my ignorance was nothing but the negative mind and thoughts that were always revolving around my head, that I cannot do anything, I am not able to do it, etc.  And that’s why I scored very fewer marks in my examination and when I  realised that my friend got more marks than me then that was the time I felt insulted and after 4 years I came to know that all my friends were settled, and got a job in the best company and till then I was doing nothing . All these were because of my negative thoughts.


Whatever I am today all of because of my positive attitude and thinking. Till now I am constantly struggling to be positive in every phase of my life period but it’s not always easy. Sometimes a situation comes when everything is negative around me and I think that it is the testing time for me and anyhow I’ve to pass in it. However, I manage myself to stay positive in my tough situation.

                   Sometimes my wallet is running out as I  march forward on my entrepreneurial ventures period and as I am growing day by day, I am finding myself in a different direction. I know that I’m learning new things that I’ve never learned before.

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My life and all of our life is fulfilled with so many hurdles and challenges that it makes us more difficult to stay positive always.  Whatever I am today, it is the result of being positive always. I know that staying positive has helped me to become what I always wanted to be always. Remember that, when things are difficult, stay positive always and strive to make the best of whatever situation you are going through because staying positive makes most of the challenging situation easy to be bear.


And now more often, I find myself in a positive attitude always (now I regret not being positive in my early days of life.) Today I am a positive person because I have trained myself to be positive. And now I came to know about the power of positive energy and a positive attitude.


 So here are some steps on how to stay positive always so that you can use it up and lead a positive life:



  • Being positive is always a choice: Never think about what might go wrong, always think about what could go right. Being negative in the tough time is never a good choice. Negativity neither leads to happiness nor solution.  So turn your face towards the positivity and you will see negativity will always be behind you. Just like, turn your face towards the sun and the shadow will fall behind you!!!.



  • Reinforce positive thinking and behavior: Reinforcing your positive thinking and your behavior will automatically be reinforced remember positive thinking is directly proportional to positive behavior and vice versa.




  • Share happiness with others: Only you don’t need to be positive with yourself, other also wants to be positive.  We all know that sharing is caring, share positivity with other and tell that you care!!! By sharing happiness and some beautiful moments of your life with others will help you to create a positive environment around you and you will always be surrounded by a positive environment and positive people. Always be nice to other people no matter what. Whenever someone is feeling down or devastated always be there to cheer him/her up.




  • Repetitive affirmation: Well, we all know what affirmation is and how powerful it is. Always use the tactics of politicians or advertiser just like they show their advertisement more and more times so that you can remember them for a long time or you can say always and you’ll believe in them because the more and more time you hear a message the more likely you are to believe it. By repetitive affirmation, you are training your brain to believe them.


positive attitude



  • Challenge negative thoughts.
  • Find the optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation.
  • Cultivate and live in positive environment.
  • Go slow.
  • Never make a mountain out of a molehill
  • Meditation is also a best good choice as it helps us to stay calm and cool in a tough time and help us to have control over ourselves.
  • Exercise regularly, eat and sleep well.



                 Be in a positive mind, spread positive Vibes, live a positive life.




                                              THANK YOU!!!!!

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