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When my Father lost his mother (My Grandmother) ….

My grandmother funeral site

My family has just lost one of our favorite member. My grandmother.  And my father lost his mother. As I told you all about her accident in my previous post, My grandmother is in coma. she was in Coma for up to 18 days.  On 8th of August 2018, we have opted for surgery under the guidance of the best neurosurgeon of my city Dr. C B Sahay who was treating her.



On the 8th of August just after her surgery, she was absolutely fine. In fact, she was in conscious which she was not before her surgery. We were extremely happy after her successful surgery. We in fact even thought that she will be fit and fine just as she was before her accident. We were waiting for her recovery and as soon as she recovers we will take her to our home.





After her surgery, she was able to open her eyes for approximately about 20 minutes and she was responding to our touch. She was able to move her left leg and hand but not the right one. The doctor said that maybe her right hand and legs are paralyzed. She was trying to speak something was but she was unable to do so.


 But on 12th August, her health has started deteriorating and her situation becomes worse, more critical. The lady who was fit and fine after her surgery was very serious just after 4 days of her surgery.  We have no idea what’s going on. Even the doctor has no answer regarding this. The doctor was speechless. 

My grandmother dead body

Moreover, she was facing too much problem in breathing due to the cough accumulation in her vocal cord.  she was kept under incubation for more than 24 hours but than also her health doesn’t improve.


Lastly on the 14th August at 7 o’clock in the morning, she left us. She left this world. she left her family. she died after 6 days after her surgery. 





These are some of her last rituals photos. It is very hard to forget her. Gonna miss her very badly. Rest in peace Dadi.