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Here is how you can start your life a new after an epic failure.

Here is how you can start a new after an epic failure, motivational article 2018.  4 years ago, I’d just finished school, I was training almost every single day to furnish myself, and I was just about to begin my first year of study at college. Since then, so much has changed in almost every aspect of my life. Just recently, I looked back at some of those major changes and on some of the life lessons that have helped me along the way—things I wish I’d been able to tell my 4-years-younger self.

Many of these lessons were learned by my own mistakes; I was lucky to have a friend or mentor to show me the way, but all of them were important in some way because they helped shape who I am now. During those days I’ve suffered so much, gone through lots of trauma, heartbreak, failed, and many things more. So here are some of my useful tips to you all those who are facing there hard time now. Here is how you can start a new after an epic failure, motivational article 2018.

1. Recognize when your life is stale.  Even I sometimes feel that a happy ending is impossible. In fact, I also feel that I’ll never be happy and I cannot succeed in my life and I cannot achieve my goal. But in reality, it’s not like that. Actually each and every day in an opportunity to start a new. Here is how you can start a new after an epic failure, motivational article 2018.  Just forget what happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week before or the year before. It’s always a golden opportunity to start a new, a fresh.  You’ve got the best opportunity, to understand your capabilities, and weakness, to reinvent yourself, to build yourself stronger and happier. So,
  • examine yourself
  • discover yourself
  • express your feelings
  • remind yourself that you’re already successful
  • rewrite your life. According to your wishes.

2. Never stay in a broken relationship: Yes you’ve read it right. Never stay in a broken relationship that doesn’t benefit you, that doesn’t give you much happiness. So, move on, and make a new one (but only if you’re ready ).

3. Interact with lots of people (especially new people): Because it helps to build your self-confidence. It helps to boost your energy, it helps you to get new ideas, to forget your past, end new thought will conflict your mind and who knows that may be the turning point of your life.

4. Never stop in taking new challenges: If you get opportunity always takes some benefits out of it because taking new challenges will make you more stronger and stronger

5. Start writing things down.

When I discovered the benefits that physically writing down my thoughts and ideas in a notebook had on my mental clarity and creativity, I made it a fundamental part of my life. I always carry around my notebook wherever I am.  Start a new after an epic failure, motivational article 2018

6. And lastly, design your life that you want and accept nothing less. Move on the path that you have decided, and no one other. Because it is you only who will live your life. So stop thinking about other and design your life that you want personally. And if you haven’t read my article then you can read here by simply clicking this link.


Here is how you can start a new after an epic failure, motivational article 2018


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