village life essay, city life essay, city life vs village life

Hello guys!!! Welcome again… So today our topic is all about benefits of living in village. Actually today I visited my village really after a long time, and there I felt something strange, something new, something that gave me a better feeling. I actually love that feeling so much that I never wanted to come back from there.

village life essay, city life essay, city life vs village life

myself in my village

Although there are poor people, narrow minded people, there is illiteracy, but in real they are much more better than us in every aspects. Everything is real and natural there be it food or lifestyle, they are not fake atleast. Greenery is all around there, which is really soothing. You will get to see pet animals in almost every house such as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, etc. Moreover they are very hard working, they don’t need to do exercise, yoga, gym etc.  because they always work all time.They are much healthier than us. Almost they all are disease free people. Although city look much glamour, but village is very neat and clean.


Here are some special points about village people and their lifestyle:

  • The villagers are very simple, clean in their heart and lovable personalities. Though they lead a poor life style, but their hospitality, attention towards the guests are praiseworthy.
  • May be they have no much money to lead a wealthy life but they have world’s biggest thing i.e called “HAPPINESS”.
  • Life in a village is real blessing, peace, beauty, love and simplicity.
  • The life in the village is simple and innocent.
  • Children can play in the open fields, swim in the river or ponds and climb trees and many more.
  • Village atmosphere gives relief to tired mind.
  • They are innocent and hard working people.
  • You will get to see greenery everywhere.
  • Women’s are little shy and bashful. She lives close to nature. 
  • They have  coordinal and harmonious relation with each other.
  • Everything is clean and quiet.
  • Although they mostly believe in superstitions, They are more religious than those who live in city life.
  • They always get pure and unadulterated food items, vegetables and milk so on. Because they mostly cultivate of their own.
  • Village economy is maximally totally based on agriculture and not any other
  • Peoples are always helpful to each other even if you are stranger for them, they will not hesitate to help you ( This I am saying according to my experience)



I personally like village life much more than city life, because I love greenery all around me, pet animals, lots of tree that gives us fruits, lots of loving people. If you also visited village than comment below what you like more about village and what is your experience?? Do you love to stay in village ?? If yes then how and when??

My uncle. village life essay, city life essay, city life vs village life

village life essay, city life essay, city life vs village life

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