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Actually, life is a mixture of all those happy moments, mundane normality, the saddest part, the tough and difficult situation, and many more. The difficult situations that really test your mettle. But what if difficulties come to your life and its very hard to handle. What will you do?? Will you back out?? Till when?? Difficulties will occur throughout your life, at different stages and different ages. Will you back out your lifetime?? No, you can’t and you shouldn’t.


We as a human try to find the most absurd ways to recover from a low phase in life. It knocks us down …. Just like after a stormy night, there is always a beautiful sunny morning; similarly our lives too have good days waiting in queue after all those bad times. All we need to do is just face it and wait till we get back to our normal life routine. Always remember that bad phase always makes you stronger.You should always  keep faith in yourself even if no one stands by you. Remember at the end of the day You yourself are responsible for what is going through your life. Stay strong. Every worst phase has a end and learn from bad days. Face the world with the smile Get motivated instead of getting down. We all know that “life is not a bed of roses”. In our life we come across phases when everything seems over.

Here are some ways on how to tackle the toughest situation in our lives.

  • Believe in yourself:

This may sound cliched but then it is absolutely significant.

  • Confide in someone close and optimistic:

I know there is that little thing in you called ‘ego’ which does not wish to let your fears, insecurities and worries reach to someone else’s ears. Frankly, we all need a parent, sibling, close buddy, or a confidant in whom we can trust. Expressing yourself to that person, only clears spaces in the corner of your mind and doesn’t make you small.

  • Unwind yourself!

Relax! Go party hopping! We are just humans and not some ferocious machines! We all commit errors and thus face consequences. When we are stuck right there, all we want to do is get out by hook or crook.

  • Be close to your family, and spend time with them.
  • Wait for the right opportunity.
  • Remember, laughter is the best medicine….so laugh and the world will laugh with you and not at you.happiness-2411755__340

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