What to do when someone criticizes you?

When it comes to criticizing, people leave no chance to point fingers on you. So what to do when people criticize you? And you know what?  I too face the same problem. Everybody criticize.  Even I or even you have criticized someone unknowingly.  So what to do when someone criticizes you or what I do in my case. Let’s seek in!!


What I do when someone criticizes me?

Firstly let me give you a brief detail about myself. I  know you know my name. But then also for those who don’t know me Hey I’m Preeti.  I belong to a remote village in India. My father always believes in education so he sent me to boarding school since I was at age of 4.  And that boarding school name was St. Xavier boarding school. Since there was no any school in my village and nearby it, So my father sent me to the city. After completing my basic studies,  I further went to Carmel school which is top renowned School in Giridih. After passing my board exam went to Hazaribagh. I spent almost 2 years there. There I came to know that life is not easy as we think, in fact, life is much complicated.  I learned about relationship and breakup, about the disadvantages of a bad companion, bad friend circle. I learned a lot there. My life has gone through many ups and down there. So I decided to quit Hazaribagh and finally shifted to Ranchi.

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Since I always stayed away from my family because I always studied in boarding school and hostels so I never wanted to go far away from them and now I decided to settle in Ranchi only.  I never wanted to go abroad although I had a great chance to study abroad. So in Ranchi, I studied 2 years in pursuing my medical career but I am honestly saying I failed in medical studies and moreover I couldn’t see my future clearly so I decided to quit my medical career as it was not my cup of tea.  I find happiness in writing and writing is my next comfort level. So I decided to pursue my career in writing and therefore I am blogging here.  I am always interested in doing something interesting. Writing is my hobby. Writing is my love. Writing is the work that I enjoy most.


I am a slight bit crazy in doing makeup, fashion, and all those girly kinds of stuff. My relatives and neighbors and many more especially those village peoples who are jealous of my father (Jealous?? What? I know you all are thinking what I am talking about. Yes, this is true. In a town or city, people don’t care what others do? What’s going on in their life? Does she have any boyfriend or not? Does she wear short clothes or not? etc. But, trust me, In village they really do. They always interfere in everyone’s life.) They know about me and my family and are always seeking a single chance to criticize me, question my family and many more.  Everybody has their own story and this was mine.


When someone criticizes me, I take it as inspiration. It gives me enough strength to do what I’ve always wanted to. I take it as helpful for me. I’m happy when they criticize me as it always reminds me of my goals. It controls me whenever I lose my control. It reminds me of how important I am to my family. I’m not broken in fact I am getting more stronger. When I get distracted for some reason I always remember them and then getting back to my real path.


So what to do when someone criticizes you?

  • When people criticize you just ignore them, always remember that you are the best, and you have got the best parents to support you just like mine.
  • Always remember that you are beautiful and you can do anything you want. Don’t take anyone personally, because in this world nobody is perfect and remember everybody does this. Even you might have someone criticized someone unknowingly or unintentionally.
  • Don’t stress. Manage your stress as nobody cares what you’re going through so why taking the unnecessary stress and making yourself sad. It is totally up to you that whether you take it as helpful or hurtful.
  • Sometimes people may even stop working toward a goal out of fear of being critiqued. But don’t give in to those worries about potential critiques. So don’t do that and take it as helpful. Respond to them calmly. Don’t be angry or rude. As this can ruin the situation. Keep going on. Never stop. You have a long way to go. If you stop you’ll get delayed and reach your goal lately. So do as I do and make your parents feel proud. Yet I haven’t made my parents feel proud but very soon they are going to!!!
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Hey guys!!! Its me PREETI MANDAL from Ranchi. I create fashion,travel, lifestyle blog,, my opinion, my ideas and many things more. I'm here to share my views and my knowledge and to learn something new from you all. I hope you guys enjoy reading them as I enjoy writing them.